This is the home of The Girl With The Cherry Eyes.
 You are warmly wellcome.

Cherry Eyes is my little lable
for hand made dolls and doll's accessories.
I work hard making my dolls,
paying attention to every little detail.
My dolls are made of
Organic Cotton, soft sheep wool
and with a lot of love.
My dolls travel to homes all over the world.
In order to create a real bond i usually fit -by request
every doll to it's little or big owner.
You can choose the hair colour, skin,
style of clothes and even the character.
I make the clothes from vintage cloth from all over the world.
I also use delicate lace and organic wool
for making cardigens scarfs, legwarmers
and coloured shoes.

My greatest pleasure is to know that my dolls have found
a warm and loving home and that somewhere
little -mamys -or dadys- take care of them,
tell them stories and secrets and love them
and the dolls give them a smile and comfort in return.